Insha'Allah Democracy: Mohammed Ali Naqvi on Pervez Musharraf and the changing face of Pakistan's politics

Firstpost published an interview with Mo Naqvi, the director of Insha'Allah Democracy, on May 9, 2018. In the interview, Mo says:

Voting for the first time wasn’t just about me and my wants; it was a transcendent moment. It was a milestone for Pakistan, and for me personally. All Pakistanis were taking a chance on democracy and ourselves. We were going to be our own saviours, not the military or some outside force. It was the first time in my life that I had a say in my country's governance. It was empowering for me and I felt a shared experience with other Pakistanis.

Now we are heading towards elections again. Is the situation a mess? Certainly. But what people forget is that democracy is a long self-correcting process. We don't need some authoritarian saviour to step in and save us, we need to participate more in the democratic process.

The full interview can be read here:

Mo Naqvi